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Global PVC Crisis

Hygenics customers and suppliers are currently being impacted by a number of price increases affecting plastic products following extended issues in the supply chain currently escalating significantly. Those issues come as a result of severe shortages of raw materials used by producers of PVC, Polyethylene and Polymer Resin.

Prices have continued to rise since November 2020 due to the shortages, high product demand in the UK and globally, and logistical issues. In addition, more recently there have been production plant outages in Europe and North America, with some shutdowns being caused by the extreme cold weather seen in February.

These incidents have led to producers enforcing ‘force majeure’ that has left manufacturers facing significant price increases, restricted volume and the need to source more expensive products to keep supply in place.

This, in turn, has resulted in manufacturers having to pass on the price increases to the market to maintain supply of products. As of the 1st of May 2021 our current offers and price lists have been amended to reflect the unprecedented global PVC shortage and surcharges being applied by manufacturers.

Whilst we have absorbed increases since January 2021, and still continue to do so on most products, we have had no choice but to add a small surcharge on some items, although volume discounts may still be available to offset these – please contact the team for more information on this. There is also likely to be some extended lead times on some of our products.

We do have other products in stock at pre-crisis rates while stocks last, please contact our Sales Team who will provide you with the best rates we possibly can.



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