Residential Cladding

Cladding solutions for the Residential Industry

Our Interior and exterior wall Cladding Panels provide a durable and virtually maintenance-free cladding in a range of finishes.

Transform the appearance of any residential property using our effortlessly installable cladding. Offered in a variety of finishes, our uPVC cladding serves as an external layer, enhancing thermal insulation and bolstering resistance against harsh weather conditions.

Exterior Cladding
Exterior Cladding
Interior Decorative Cladding

Popular areas of application

  • Housing Developments
  • Bespoke Builds
  • Apartment Buildings

Elevate the appeal of any residential building using our wide range of interior and exterior cladding. Choose from marble, polished, and wood grain effects to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Engineered with durability, minimal upkeep, and user-friendly installation in mind, our interior PVCu cladding stands as the perfect option. View our range of swatches or get in touch with our friendly team today.

Decorative & Outdoor

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your walls with our exquisite decorative PVC wall cladding.

Transform the way you decorate in minutes with these modern, stylish wall panels. Your walls will undoubtedly look pristine without the need for new wallpaper, paint, or any other upkeep.

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